Follow your dreams

Besides writing, or should I say, more than writing, I love reading. I learned to read at a really young age, years before I went to school. The very first book I read on my own was Pippi Longstocking, by Astrid Lindgren. This was my first favorite book. My father, God rest his soul, read it to me twice in a row and after I asked him to go at it a third time, he said it was high time I learned to read myself.

Many years and many books later, I started writing myself. At first it was only for my own pleasure and later, for friends to see.

It was my life long dream to make a living by writing. This still isn’t the case but…

Believe in your dreams, and work hard to achieve them. Writing definitely requires talent but is also a skill you have to master through study and practice.

It is never too late to try.

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